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What Makes a Clothing Brand Sustainable?

Sustainability has been a very prominent topic in today’s day and age, especially due to the imminent and current impacts of climate change on the environment. It is known that fast fashion has a significant and harmful impact on the environment, and that, if you can, it is helpful to shop from sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brands. However, what is it that makes a clothing brand sustainable?

Firstly, they can use different materials to make their clothes. The process of making fabric is very water and energy exhaustive - one ton of fabric can use up to 200 tons of water to finish. Therefore, to minimize the water waste, sustainable clothing brands tend to use materials that require less water to produce, such as hemp and linen, which require far less water to produce than cotton.

Brands can also make their garments out of biodegradable materials. One of the biggest issues with the fashion industry, as well as fast fashion, is that a lot of clothing waste goes into landfills. This is incredibly damaging to the environment. By using materials such as linen or cotton to make their clothes, these companies avoid contributing to landfill, producing a more environmentally sustainable alternative to fast fashion clothing.

Another thing sustainable clothing brands do is make higher-quality clothing, and sometimes even tailor-make clothing for the customer. The idea behind this is that the clothing will not wear as quickly, and can be worn for years to come, greatly reducing the number of clothes the consumer will need to buy and throw away. A big issue with the fast fashion industry is the throwaway culture it promotes, which leads to a lot of waste and produces a lot of pollution. By making higher-quality, well-fitting clothing, these clothing brands try to combat this issue.

These methods, among others not mentioned in the blog post, work in tandem to make these companies more sustainable and environmentally friendly than fast fashion brands. However, they do tend to be more expensive, making buying from sustainable clothing brands implausible for many. This is why it is important to thrift and upcycle to help protect the environment.

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