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How to Make a Drawstring Bag

How to make a drawstring bag

What you will need:

-2 pieces of fabric

-Fabric scissors

-A ruler

-Pencil or chalk

-Needle and thread



1.Cut out two equal rectangular pieces of fabric.

2. Hem the top of each piece of fabric by putting the patterned side of the fabric face down. Fold over 1cm from the top and pin down. Then straight stitch across the middle of the fold. Repeat with the other piece.

3. Then put the two pieces of fabric on top of each other with the patterned sides touching. Measure around 3cm from the top of the fabric and place a pin in both the left and right side. Repeat but this time 4cm from the top.

4. Then, leave a seam allowance of 3 cm from the sides and bottom and straight stitch, leaving a gap between the pins.

5. Cut the corners diagonally on the bottom right and left side.

6. Fold the seam allowances open so that the edges of the fabric have a strip of patterned fabric showing. Fold the top edge over.

7. Find the hole from the top edge and straight stitch along the bottom of the hole horizontally.

8. Turn the bag inside-out and thread a ribbon through the hole, all the way around and out of the same hole.

Ways to decorate your drawstring bag.

1- You can use embroidery to create designs, either from your head or from templates online.

2- Using fabric dye, you can splash ink onto your fabric or tie-dye, creating unique patterns and gradients between colours.

3- Cutting up fabric and either sewing it on or using fabric glue. Some patterns could be geometric. You could also collage the fabric by layering it.

4- Transferring pictures onto your bag can be done by printing your image onto transfer paper (you must check whether this is inkjet or laser-jet) depending on your printer. Then iron your image onto the fabric with a dry iron, before peeling the paper off.

Here are some ideas for inspiration:

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