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How to Make a Dog Bandana

Dog bandanas are brilliant easy projects that can be made quickly with basic stitches. A range of materials and patterns will work with this project so you can create one for every occasion using spare fabric you have at home. The template

fits the fabric provided in Sew Simple perfectly but can be scaled up or down easily to be tailored to your dog and the size of their collar.

Supplies needed:

  • A piece of fabric - template fits 20cm x 20cm but this can be adjusted

  • Needle and thread (ideally thread that matches the fabric well)

  • Pins

  • Scissors

  • Tailors Chalk

  • A printed template - you can find it here

Stitches used:

  • Whipstitch

  • Alternative options - running stitch or back stitch (though these are more visible)

Follow these simple steps.

1. Cut out the template and pin to the fabric, then use the tailors chalk to mark around the edges. Use a good pair of scissors to make a clean cut around the chalk markings.

2. Fold the side and base edges of the fabric over by 0.5mm, this will be used to create a hem so that the edges are neat. Ideally, lightly iron the edges down, giving a sharper and cleaner finish. If not ironed, pin the folded fabric in place.

3. To stitch these edges in place, you can use a variety of different stitches, depending on what you find easiest and how visible you want the stitches to be. Good stitches include running stitch and backstitch but these should be done in thread that is similar in colour to the fabric. The best stitch to use is whipstitch as it is strong and almost invisible when done well. In order to do this, pull the thread up through the folded edge, starting in the top right corner. Going diagonally to the left, take the needle under the fold and pick up a few threads of the fabric then push the needle back through the folded fabric and pull the thread through. Pull the thread through and continue to make stitches like this around the sides.

4. Fold over the top part of the fabric so that the sides line up. This will create a section for the dog’s collar to go through. Stitch the edge down to the main fabric using whipstitch.

5. Thread the collar through the top and the bandana is ready to be worn by your dog!

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