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How to Make a Bucket Hat

Supplies needed:

-Fabric scissors

-740cm of fabric


-Sewing machine preferred to hand stitching


Optional supplies:

-Tailor’s chalk

-Needle and thread for extra decorations

Top tip : Make sure to measure around your head as you go along rather than only using your measurements to guarantee a perfect fit

The steps

Step 1: Measure, using measuring tape, the circumference of your head and the length of your forehead from eyes to hair.

Step 2: Print out the template here OR scan the QR code below. Gather the fabric you want to use. We used an assorted pile of old jeans and dungarees.

Step 3: Adjust measurements to the measurements of your own head and cut it out from your fabric.

Step 4: Stitch all the smaller rectangular pieces inside out using a sewing machine.

Step 5: Your four small rectangles should now be in a long loop, so keep it folded inside out, and put your circular piece on top inside out, and stitch them together. Now it should look like a bowl.

Step 6: Fold the last long four quadrilateral pieces on the short sides inside out, and attach it to the bottom of the bowl and stitch all the pieces together inside out. It will look messy inside out but don't worry!

Step 7 : Flip inside out and you should now have a bucket hat!

Optional: stitch a seam to avoid the frayed edges

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