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Flare Your old Jeans

Updated: Feb 2

What You'll Need:

  • A pair of old jeans

  • 1/4 yard of the fabric of your choice

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Seam ripper

  • Our sewing kit

  1. Use your seam ripper to open the side seams along the legs. You can also use scissors, but be careful not to cut the fabric. Decide if you want your bell-bottom triangles to reach your knee or thigh.

  2. Un-do the bottom hem with your seam ripper or scissors.

  3. Measure the bell-bottom fabric. You will need a panel that tapers down to about 2.5" at the top. A well-finished width for the bottom of your panel is between 3"-6.5", including a 1/2" for seam allowance. Measure the height of your opened seam on your pants, and add two inches.

  4. Don't feel limited by one kind of fabric. You can patch together lots of pieces of fabric to create your panels or even cut up another pair of jeans to make matching denim panels. Once you have cut your two panels, we can stitch them in.

  5. Turn your pants inside-out. Lay the triangular panel face-down on the open seam and align the edges of the fabric. Make sure that about 2" of the triangle panel extends above the top of the open seam in the thigh or knee area. This is because you will be crisscrossing the seams at the top. Straight stitch from the top of the triangle to the bottom hem.

  6. When you sew on the other side of the panel, cross over the first stitch. This will help the top of the triangle come together.​

  7. Finish the raw edges on each seam with a zigzag stitch to prevent the fabric from unravelling.

  8. Sew the other side of the panel onto the leg. When you've got both legs done, it's time to re-hem the bottoms.

  9. Fold up the bottom hem on each leg and press with your iron. Straight stitch all along the bottom hem to finish off.

We look forward to seeing what you create!

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