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Affordable (and stylish!) Eco-conscious Brands

Updated: Jan 29

Buying from sustainable clothing brands can often be intimidating. Due to the cost of sourcing sustainable fabrics and careful garment construction, some stores sell items at the same price as designer stores.

Understandably, most of us do not have budgets that would allow for such a splurge. The following clothing brands have price ranges not dissimilar from your high street favourites, and each purchase is far better for the environment at the same time.

1) Lucy and Yak

Lucy and Yak are a small British company that specialises in bold patterns and unique pairs of dungarees. Their casual but effortlessly artsy aesthetic is universally appealing, and the price range of around £20+ is similar to other well-known brands on the market. They also stock a great range of graphic t-shirts which are the perfect eco-friendly present for any teenager.

All of their clothes are made in a small factory in India. It is powered almost entirely by renewable solar energy, and they take great pains to ensure all of their staff have an adequate living wage.

Click here to view their store.


TALA is a unique brand with a very current aesthetic. Their modern, sporty look has produced a range of both streetwear and activewear that would perfectly complement any trendy wardrobe. They sell particularly stylish windbreakers and tennis skirts.

Best of all, they are committed to sustainability. They make clothes using sustainable fabrics and campaign to ensure fair rights for their workers in each step of their supply chain.

If that’s not enough to demonstrate their dedication, even their clothing tags are plantable and biodegradable! A new plant will sprout from the tag of each item.

Click here to see more of their work.

3) Thought Clothing

Thought Clothing specialises in making durable clothes from sustainable materials. Moreover, they strive towards reducing waste as much as possible. Their eco-conscious mindset can be seen throughout their collections, with recycled polyester garments and headbands made from scrap fabrics.

They specialise in simple, timeless cuts which you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come.

Click here to check out their store.

4) Know the Origin

Know the Origin is another brand that strives to emphasise sustainability at every part of their production stage. Their founder Charlotte went as far as creating her own supply chain to ensure that the environment suffers as little as possible for the sake of our clothing.

They also offer a range of beauty products which allows you to ensure that every part of your outfit is environmentally friendly!

Their aesthetic ranges from casually chic to more elegant formal wear. Anyone can find a few pieces which fit their style.

Click here to check out their collection.

Note - We have not been paid to endorse any of these brands.

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