What is Sew Simple?

Our thrifting and upcycling guide will teach you the basic skills you need to start your sewing career.​ We sell our guide alongside a beginners' sewing kit so that you can get started straight away!

Through learning a combination of sewing skills, thrifting tips, clothing care and clothing ethics, you'll have everything you need to begin sustainably upgrading your closet.


Three Simple Sections

Here's how our guide is divided


Basic Sewing Skills

Pick up the basic stitches and techniques you'll need to make a start, then practice your skills with a quick beginner project. Next learn how to best take care of the clothes that you already own so they can remain a part of your wardrobe for years to come. You'll also learn some tips and tricks on how to make your laundry routine more environmentally sustainable.

Ethical and Environmental Impacts

In this section, you'll learn why making your clothing consumption more sustainable is so crucial. From the unethical practices of fast fashion to the huge toll that waste clothing is taking on our ecosystems, you'll understand why Apricus wanted to produce this guide.

Thrifting and Upcycling Tips

Want to start thrifting second-hand clothes, but no idea where to start? This section will teach you how and where to thrift sustainably and consciously. You'll also learn how to carry out a couple of beginner clothing-fit adjustments. Then it's time to hone your skills! We've curated a series of simple but stylish upcycling projects that you can use to start building you sewing portfolio.

A picture of the guide's pages

The kit

For just £10, alongside our guide you'll also receive:

  • Embroidery and sewing thread

  • Two needles

  • Elastic

  • Chalk

  • Ribbon

  • Safety pins

  • Sewing pins

  • Buttons

  • Plain fabric

  • Gingham fabric


Can't wait to get sewing?


A great product, created by a brilliant group of young women!

Martha | Age 42

It's nice knowing I can do something about the fast fashion problem and help the environment a bit.

Ellen | Age 14

Some of the best crafting fun I've had in years!

Philip | Age 22