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About Us

We are a group of young women running a Young Enterprise Student Company based in Kingston upon Thames near London. We are passionate about the planet, and we are united under a common goal of reducing the environmental impact of the clothing industry.



OUR VALUES start with our passion for the environment. As a company we try to find the best way to sustainably source our materials and consider what our product can do for the environment. We have a strong commitment to diversity, as we are a team composed of students from many ethnic and social backgrounds. Customer satisfaction is important to us, so our aim is to provide a good quality product and a great customer experience.



Our Goals are to (1) provide excellent customer service by listening and understanding the needs of our customers thus ensuring high customer satisfaction; (2) produce products, which are safe, high quality, effective and sustainable; (3) reduce our carbon footprint by sourcing materials locally; (4) raise awareness of global issues including UN Sustainable Development Goals; and (5) act and behave in a way that will make a positive contribution to the future.


About Young Enterprise

Young Enterprise is the UK's largest enterprise and financial education charity founded in 1962. Each year over 480,000 young people develop their business, financial and entrepreneurial skills under the support and guidance of business advisors from 3,500 different companies.