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Create stylish, sustainable outfits with Sew Simple

Fight fast fashion and help save the environment with our upcycling and thrifting guide


About Sew Simple

Sew Simple is an upcycling and thrifting guide created by Apricus, a branch of Young Enterprise.

Using our guide and the beginner sewing kit we provide, you'll learn all the basic tips, tricks and techniques you'll need to one day become a master upcycler.

Our guide also shows you how to make every stage of your clothing consumption more environmentally sustainable.


Sewing is fun and therapeutic.
Anyone and everyone can do it.


'I do a lot of sewing the kids’ clothes ... you have to learn how to repair things.' - George Clooney

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To make fashionable clothes more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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To encourage people to upcycle their clothes by transforming their garments with the help of ‘Sew Simple,’ thus reducing waste and carbon footprint.


"Apricus is a really impressive project: a company launched by a group of highly comitted and well organised young women... this campaign has produced practical action and deserves as much support as possible."

Sir Vince Cable, former leader of the Liberal Democrats and MP for Twickenham


About Apricus

Here at Apricus, we are an all-female company composed of people from many different backgrounds and lifestyles, set up under the Young Enterprise Scheme. We believe in working together to create a sustainable and innovative solution to tackle the negative impact of fast fashion on the environment and society.